Class III Cable Assembly and Harnessing 


VAST is Quality

VAST Manufacturing Supplier Grading:

Two measures are scored - Quality and Supplier Performance Rating.

Suppliers are graded in four categories with a weighted score that is totalled to arrive at the Supplier Performance Rating. A quality score is used by itself and as part of the weighted total. Scoring categories are:


Cooperation - subjective, total 15 points possible

Documentation completeness - objective, total 15 points possible

On Time Delivery - objective, total 30 points possible

Quality - objective, total 40 points possible


Quality score is simply total pieces received divided by total pieces accepted. This is displayed as a percentage. Goal 90%.


Supplier Performance Rating is the total of the four categories. Goal 90.


note - window for on time delivery is 3 days prior to due date to 4 days after, working days.


The VAST Manufacturing quality system is AS9100 rev D certified. Our registration is maintained through Perry Johnson Registrars and the most current Assessment Report is available for review by request.

ITAR Registered

With more than 33 years of industry experience combined with the highest level of quality certification, VAST is positioned to support your program from prototypes through production.